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Of the many questions customers have, these are some of the most common
What do you need to get started with Alnic? Some of the following will help;
  • Creative Brief.
  • An outline of content.
  • Images or logos.
  • Your contact information.
  • Server or hosting information.
  • Your excitement!

Why do I need a web presence?
A web site serves many purposes. It can be as simple as a web version of your sales brochure to show potential customers your wares or as involved as a full ecommerce engine to sell your items world wide. Most customers do plenty of web research before making a purchase. If you have a superior web presence, customers will assume a superior product.

Do I have to have ecommerce to compete in today's economy?
Not necessarily. Many sites to not have ecommerce and direct customers to a store or phone. Others are only ecommerce and don't offer traditional methods to order. The Brick-and-Click arrangement seems to be the ideal setup for companies in the new economy. This means both an on-line and face-to-face customer experience. You are not forced to sell items over the web, as long as you cater to web-savy customers by providing product information, comparisons, even customer reviews. Many customers who do not buy on-line do their product research and find reputable companies on-line.

How much do identity graphics really matter?
Your company's image is the second most important aspect of customer perception after customer service. Truth be told, many customers don't adequately research companies they buy from as much as you like, they rely on perception and image. Our experts can research your company and customers to come up with an image package you can be proud of.

How long does the process take?
The length of time it takes to develop a website or identity varies widely. A large amount of time is spent simply communicating, so talking frequently and openly is very important. Another large percentage of time is spent in the approval process. Assembling stakeholders in your organization and setting aside time to review submitted drafts will help speed the process along.

Do you provide estimates?
Yes! We do not charge for an initial consultation to determine what services best apply to your company. We want to provide the exact services you need, nothing more, nothing less. Let's sit down and talk all about what we can do for you!

Have other questions?
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